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Academic institutions are educational establishments, usually universities, dedicated to education and research, which grant academic degrees. includes institutions with a Supply Chain specialization.

Secretarial services include online administrative support, transcription services, document formatting, proofreading, and resume development.

Professional Services are for-profit companies or agencies that provide consultancy services, including training.

Discussion Platforms enable you to engage in discussions and pose questions on topics related to Supply Chain Management.

Self Assessments

Employee self-assessment, also referred to as self-evaluation or self-appraisal, is one of the best methods to engage employees in the process of looking at performance and setting both job and career goals. Organizations with effective performance review processes use self-assessments for two reasons: to ensure that employees set aside time to evaluate their performance and to help managers get a sense of whether an employee has an accurate understanding of their impact in the workplace.

Proficiency Tests

Whereas Employee Self-Assessments measure skills, a Proficiency Test measures the level of knowledge which the applicant possesses at the time of testing. They basically resemble math or physics tests at college and are usually presented as multiple-choice questions. An Employee Proficiency Test uses standardized testing to measure a potential employee’s skill set and knowledge within a specialized area. Proficiency Tests may be used for new recruits, as well as for existing employees, to test their knowledge of specific work-related topics.

Centres of Excellence (CoE) are facilities or entities that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area, in this case the Health Supply Chain.

Professional associations (also called professional bodies, professional organizations, or professional societies) are usually non-profit organizations seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest. There are many benefits to joining a professional association:

  • Jobs. Many professional organizations help their members find jobs.
  • Mentoring. Mentoring is the cornerstone of many professional organizations when it comes to working with younger members. Professional organizations have the ability to pare you with someone more experienced.
  • Professional Development. Many organizations offer professional development via courses, workshops, publications, and information on their website shared only with members.
  • Networking. Most organizations have an annual conference. This is an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with others in your field.
  • Scholarships. For the youngest of members, scholarships may be the primary reason to join a professional organization.

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Content related

Yes, but at the moment for Android devices only. Go to the Google Play Store and look for ‘mysupplychain’.

Absolutely! The structure and content of relies heavily on the opinion and feedback from users. Use the Contact Us form to submit suggestions. Recent updates and fixes:

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Yes, you can. Click on the RESOURCES button on the home page menu, then on ‘All Resources >’ or Click here.

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Job Board

Yes and No. Established agencies (medium and large enterprises) are required to procure a so-called Job Posting Package. Contact Us for more information. In this way Employers contribute towards the cost of running and maintaining this site. Small NGOs and individuals may request to be exempted from payment. Contact Us for more information.

Simply click on ‘post a job’ on the main menu and follow the instructions. As employer, you will be prompted to create an account.

Not at the moment. This feature is planned for the future. Job seekers will be able to upload their resumes, for potential employers to view.

No, Job Seekers have free access to all information posted on this website.

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Would you like to showcase what your agency/company has to offer? There is an automated procedure to advertise and post jobs on this website. Contact Us for more information.


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