Training Videos

Immunization Academy is an initiative sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, providing open access to short, practical training videos on supply chain topics. The videos support a growing list of immunization-related topics, using WHO-approved guidance. Videos can be viewed and downloaded for offline use.

JSI produces a variety of technical videos highlighting trainings, project approaches, and successes in public health program implementation worldwide. Intended for educators, in-country officials, and service providers, these technical videos enable programs to learn from JSI projects in different countries and contexts, and apply new methods to existing strategies.


Discover Free Online Learning Opportunities and Training Videos. JSI, People that Deliver, and the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition created LAPTOP, a comprehensive course-finder focusing on supply chain management.

PAHO – Immunization Throughout Life

Immunizations – Inmunizaciones. Series of Video Clips (YouTube channel). According to the life course approach to public health, your health today is the result of many different factors, including your previous life experiences and even those of your parents. Likewise, your health today will impact your health in the future, as well as the health of the future generations. Spanish with English sub-titles.

TechNet-21 is a global network of immunization professionals committed to strengthening immunization services by sharing experiences, coordinating activities, and helping to formulate optimal policies. TechNet-21 Maintains an impressive library of some 400 videos related to Immunization.