Tool Repositories

In the context of their respective programmes, UNICEF Country Offices manage a broad spectrum of supplies with different levels of complexity. The Cold Chain Support Package for Countries (CCSP) provides commercial and technical information to enable an efficient and effective procurement process for Cold Chain products and services – thus contributing to the success of inter-agency immunization programmes.

The PSM Toolbox project was initiated by WHO/AMDS and its partner organizations. In 2007, the WHO AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service (AMDS) created a platform to improve access through the internet to procurement and supply management (PSM) tools. WHO/AMDS in collaboration with the AMDS partner network developed it further. It has evolved into a database that lists available PSM tools and is presented in the form of a search engine to find and select PSM tools that are needed for a particular PSM technical area of interest to the professional. Supported by i+solutions.

We welcome you to explore helpful resources created by the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project, including resources like our software tools, technical toolkits, and guidelines.