Professional Services

Empower School of Health [India]. Procurement and Supply Chain Management training. Tailoring to the needs of UN, non-government and government agencies. Training of public health professionals. Certificate and Post-Graduate courses. Consultancy Services.

i+ Solutions [Netherlands] specializes in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle income countries. Procurement services for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Reproductive Health. Training and consultancy in supply chain management.

IHS – Imperial Logistics/Imperial Health Sciences [South Africa] specializes in African Healthcare supply chain management. Has operations in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi with downstream distribution partners providing reach into 26 countries.

NCIHD – Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development [United Kingdom]. Leeds Institute of Health Sciences offers a wide range of consultancy services to national and international agencies. Portfolio of postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

PSA – Pamela Steele Associates [United Kingdom]. Strategic consulting, research and training company dedicated to improving supply chain management within the health and humanitarian sectors in low and middle income countries. Sustainable solutions to build in-country capacity at individual and organisational levels.

PSA – Pharmaceutical Systems Africa [United States]. Needs assessment, curriculum development, information systems, capacity building. Consultants currently based in Rwanda, South Africa, Malawi and Mali.