PSM Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)

The PSM Competency Assessment Tool (CAT) has been developed by Empower School of Health to assess PSM capacity development needs of staff working in public health organizations. An overview of the assessment is presented below:

  • The assessment is built on the People that Deliver (PtD) framework for supply chain competency mapping (“PtD Competency Compendium for Health Supply Chain Management: A reference for health supply chain; First edition”), and is a combination of both technical assessment and self-assessment at the competency level.

  • The assessment determines the PSM profile by asking a series of questions:
    • Step 1, Profile captures the educational and work profile of the assessed person
    • Step 2, Competency Mapping captures self-assessment of 19 functional competencies under 5 domains
    • Step 3, Competency Assessment, provides technical assessment of the competencies
  • The questions have been designed by global PSM experts who have also designed the online and classroom trainings for Empower
  • The assessment collects data from a participant across nearly 200 parameters, which are then analysed by the Empower team across all participants

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