Workshop on Quality Assurance in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Goa, India, Sept 24-28. 8th International Workshop on Quality Assurance in Procurement & Supply Chain Management. The course is targeted at: (i) Pharmacists, chemists, microbiologists, public health professionals, medical doctors, working in public health programs and industry (government, NGOs, civil society, academia, industry), (ii) Procurement and supply chain professionals working in procurement, warehousing, distribution, policy, planning, quality assurance, (iii) Physicians and healthcare professionals working in HIV, TB, malaria and RMNCH, and (iv) Community-based organisations and treatment activists.

Course Objectives:

• Get an insight of the fundamentals of pharmaceutical quality in PSM and international commerce (from manufacturing through to patient use)
• Determine how to budget for quality assurance activities in the procurement budget – analyse the relevance of pharmaceutical reference standards and their impact on pharmaceutical prices
• Gain hands-on experience in observing and understanding QC
• Draft better policies for ensuring quality products in public health programs

Course Topics:

• Pharmaceutical Product Quality (Product Quality Standards)
• National QA Plans and Manual
• Rational QA System (Risk Assessment, Risk Management & Three Tier System Approach

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