Country-Owned ‘BIG LEARNING’ Solution

Strengthening the Public Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM) Function by Building a Resilient Workforce

(Led by Empower in partnership with INSEAD School of Business, Humanitarian Research Group)

The Big Learning Platform is a web and mobile based Capacity Building solution, specially designed to build resilience in a Public Health organization. As opposed to traditional, once a year classroom training, the Big Learning Platform delivers a number of capacity building techniques continuously through a digital approach. The digital approach allows Empower to tap into its vast network of national and international PSM experts, as well as digitize curated content to reach workers and managers at all levels of the health system and the supply chain.

However, the Big Learning Platform is built in a way that it can be fully tailored to the country context (through program customization and localized needs assessment), and after reaching full scale in 2-3 years, can be operated and managed by the country itself, with very little reliance on Empower – leading to true capacity building.

A snapshot of Big Learning Platform is presented below, as well as LINK to Introduction Video.


The Big Learning Platform is meant for Ministries of Health, public health programs or organizations in any LMIC, and is useful for logisticians and health staff and managers such as pharmacists, medical doctors, public health & life science graduates and allied professionals working in supply chain functions. Below are benefits of using the Big Learning Platform for the country, organization or an individual.

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