Certified Professional Forecaster Workshop. July 4-5, 2018. The Value of Business forecasting and how it drives better decision making.

Virtually every business decision and process is based on a forecast. Anything you plan is generally based on an assumption of something happening in the future, which by definition is a forecast.  It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, whether you manufacture or provide a service, whether your company is big or small but you must have forecasts to plan effectively.   The more accurate the forecasts, the better the plan.

A forecasters goal is to go beyond what has happened and provide the best  assessment of what will happen in the future to drive better decision making.

Business Forecasting can encompass anything that identifies the likelihood of a future outcome, provides comparative information using analytics, or drives data-driven business decisions.

Forecasting is an imperative that enables competitive advantage.

Business Forecasting can be used for:

·         Strategic planning and decision-making (long-term planning)

·         Finance and accounting (budgets and cost controls)

·         Marketing (consumer behavior, life cycle management, pricing)

·         Operations and supply chain (resource planning, production, logistics, inventory)

What you will learn from attending the workshop

·         What you Need to Know about Demand Planning, Forecasting, and S&OP

·         Data Management and time Series Forecasting Modeling

·         Reporting, Presenting, New Product Forecasting and Planning

The workshop covers the content of the CPF (Certified Professional Forecaster)

Source (full article): SAPICS


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